Doctor Forum


Ying Huang
Alibaba Business School,
Hangzhou Normal University

Title: Multi-Level Networks for High Speed Multi-Person Pose Estimation

Recent advancements in deep learning have significantly improved the accuracy of multi-person pose estimation from RGB images. However, these deep learning methods typically rely on a large number of deep refinement modules to refine the features of body joints and limbs, which hugely reduce the run-time speed and therefore limit the application domain. In this paper, we propose a feature transfer framework to capture the concurrent correlations between body joint and limb features. The concurrent correlations of these features form a complementary structural relationship, which mutually strengthens the network’s inferences and reduces the needs of refinement modules. Experimental results show that our method not only significantly increases the inference speed to 73.8 frame per second (FPS), but also attains comparable state-of-the-art performance.